World Cup 2018

 The world cup has officially started. 

 I’ve been counting down the days until it started but I had to go to the mountains.  I miss the first day but was up in the mountains. When I’m in the mountains there’s no cable holders now and I’m in it except if I checked my phone and things like that it’s just you the mountains in a little cabin up in the woods. I enjoyed going because you’re not with people.  

I do place bets on the World Cup for the most part it’s just five dollar bets. I placed for bets so a total of $20.  Some people have a lot of money to spend on this I have $20 so here’s what I spent my $20 bets on for the 2018 World Cup.  I placed these boats in south shore Lake Tahoe at Harvey’s casino.

I really like Iceland specially after learning about the team into thousand and 16 for your own cup. I like Argentina because I think Missy needs a world cup to his name but I also like the team. I picked Belgium because like my dad said they had a lot of people in the Premier league so why not just go with that. Strange way to pick a team. And then I picked Switzerland because  it looked like an interesting team with the odds when I was placing my five dollar bets for all the teams.  

 I am between jobs right now so I’ll be able to watch lots of games and comment on lots of games that are coming  in the next few weeks.  So it’s going to be a fun few weeks watching lots and lots of football.Starting tomorrow I’m gonna be watching the game

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