Why I need to stay busy?

Why I need to stay busy?

I like to stay busy with things to do.

I read books and can have conversations about them. They really help out when jeptery is on.

I have started a Website/Blog. In which case you are reading it now. Just because I have extra time on my hands. I get frustrated and forget I have my website/blog. It is something to do.

Those are to good examples of what I do. I started this blog post with why I need to stay busy.

I am the type of person who will get a crazy idea and run with it. Like get up and leave the country by myself for a few days. My dad is still mad about that happening 12 years ago.

So I need to plan out my trips and not do that to my family. Yet again I did just that but ended up in New Orleans. I have a food baby for two weeks after that so much good food.

I might get a crazy idea in my head not thing it through enough and get into trouble. Yet I don’t ever plan on getting into trouble but that is not an option in my life. I am on the north side of 30 now I should not being crazy 20 year old things any more.

I have done things just to say I have done them. That is not they way I should be living my life. I am not saying I am just going to settle down and pop out some kids. I am going to plane and research things out more than I have been in the pass.

In my life I have been almost arrested, deported, and crazy things happen in my life. There is not reason to be almost arrested because of something stupid. There is not reason to be deported for being in a car in Europe. I have had a bunch of addresses living my life to the fullest.