what type of vibe

What type of vibe do I wish to evoke in my readers when they are on my blog?    Blog 2 Bank day 1

I don’t know what kind of vibe I have.  When I wright its not Humorous.   Funny things happen in my life but it does not happen unless I am telling you the story.  It just does not come out in my writing that it is a funny story it comes out like thinking on me feet stories.

My writing is a little confusing to others but I am dyslexic and my train of thought is different than some.  When I see my own writing I automatically correct my spelling and grammar.  One of the reasons I have started this blog is to write more because I have don’t like writing at all.

Could you call my writing passive.  I am a passive person with most things I do.  Things get done when they get done.  I work on a lot of things and everything that needs to get done gets done.  What does not need to be done today gets pushed back.  Maybe that is a reason that my blogs does not get done.  I should not be so passive about my blog.  I have not had a job for a while but helping out family, so I have the time to get everything I want done with my blog/website.

What type of vibe do I want to have.  I don’t know.  The thing I really do not want to come across in my blog is Hate.  It should be good things or good mojo/vibes.

All I really know is that the Blog 2 Bank Challenge is making me think about how I come out to people.  It is making me work out how I want to come across to strangers on the internet across the world. I don’t know if people are still ready this because I have not got a comment on my blog in a while.

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