What am I Selling

What am I selling? Is a homework question for the blog to bank challenge day 4. Well it rely says “what is it that your selling or you want to sell through your blog?” In which case is a great question for me to answer.

I do not know what I want to sell is sorta my answer. That is not a good answer today or tomorrow or next week sometime. Truth be told I don’t know how to sell something.

When looking at blogs and vlogs it is easy for some people. Well they make it look easy. I had to take a class were I had to negotiate to sell a product and I got an A on that assignment but it is harder than you think to do. well we both did not know what we are doing but I sold my product. From then on I don’t have the confidence to do that sell you on something.

I for this blog don’t have adds becaseu I am not selling you something. I also don’t know how to get the adds on the blog.

I have been looking in to affiliate marketing a little bit. That sounds more promising to me. I can read a book and review it for people then have an amazon link. That is something I can do. Its simple and to the point.

I have so Art I want to sell or at lest some prints. That is a different type of marketing. I have to market my self and set the prices. This is scary to me what if I set the prices too high or not high enough to make a profit. These are some legitimate concerns that I have. I also have to figure out how to market them and what website to use.

I have been writing a book over the last 10 or so years. I have been thinking about getting it published. With that I have spoken to a few publishers and self publishers. There are a few ways I can go about it and need to figure out. I have found a self publisher that I like a lot and thinking about using. Then again I have to market my book.

Lets see how I do this.