Well My Oscars Predictions 2019 Sucked

Well my Oscars predictions 2019 sucked. I did not see all of the movies. So with making the predictions I new they were not going to be all that great.

Over 2018 I did not go to the movies all that much. Right before the Oscars I could have seen a few of them on streaming service and choose not to. Most of the time I have seen all of the best picture nominated movies on the big screen. It just not a year of movies for me.

For the most part I am not going to look back on my predictions. They are in the past but I do remember some of the Awards winners will be.

I did see Green Book. I had it win for best actor in a supporting role. Mahershala Ali played Dr. Don Shirley amazingly well. It made me go and research who he was. Then Green Book won Best picture and Best Original Screenplay. I did not vote or know how people vote for these things but it was a good movie. ( my dad did call it)

I did see Bohemian Rhapsody. It came home with four awards for the night. I did think Rami Malek was going to win for his portray of Freddie Mercury. I don’t remember if i thought it would win for any of the other awards. It also won Best Achievement in Sound Editing, Best Achievement in Sound Mixing and Best Achievement in Film Editing.

I did see Black Panther also. I now For a fact that it was going to with for best achievement in costume design. They were a lot of fun colors and rely entrusted me. It also one best achievement in music written for a motion picture and best achievement in production design. It cam home with three Oscars that is good for them.

Truth be told I saw a few other movies over the year. one of which was Solo that was a waste of my money. Another is Ralph Breaks the Internet that was a fun movie.

The most amazing thing that happed was that I saw the three movies that won most of the awards for the night. Do I really need to see a lot of movies to know what is going to happen at the Oscars. Probably not I could have guessed by what happen at other award show’s but didn’t. It was a lot of fun to just guess what was going to happen.

Till next year’s Oscars Predictions for this year.