Want to Learn

Find out the three things your ideal person would want to learn and turn them into three How-to blog post.

This was the homework for day two of the Blog 2 Bank Challenge.  Well as you can see I did not do it in time for the august challenge and took the question and ran with it in November.

This is one that I am really having a hard time with.

I don’t think I have the authority to teach someone how to do something.  When I do things like that I have a bad habits of not doing all of the steps.

I have a YouTube channel under ABored Goodwin and lets just say I have a playlist of everything about starting my channel and all of the little steps that I have done so far.  It is different than just writing it out.  I just summarize what I did in the last month.  It gets the job done.  I am thinking of it as a how to like this homework is but its not really it is just what I learn how todo things in the last month.

This one is hard for me on so many reason I just don’t think that I can teach some one how to do something with just words written on a page.  I need to try but I don’t want to now.

I will do this in the Future.  If I can figure out my voice when I try to explain things to someone.  There has been some post on a job board about how to start a website that I might do.  I have started one because you are reading it now but can people relate to me enough to go on this adventure with me.  I just don’t know but I can try right.