Tweet Made Me Think Roberto Blake

This tweet from Roberto Blake made me think today.

“If someone’s circumstances are not something you’d want for yourself, at least regarding what they are talking about… is it worth taking their advice seriously?”

Truth be told I don’t know but this tweet is making me think more on it. I understand people are different. They have different opportunities, options, opinions, life’s, gender, incomes, race, age, name, place of origin, and whatever else you can come up with. I try to have that at the back of my mind when talking to people. I talk to strangers all over the place and have very interesting conversations with them. Some are good some are bad but it’s an open dialogue with people on safe subjects that would not end up in any type of conflict at the end.

With that in mind I have had some words of wisdom that I try to keep in mind. Some wisdom that is totally crazy and I’m still wondering how that person can say and believe something like what they said.

One example is the homeless man in flagstaff (I know his name). I would see home a lot of places around town. We were both doing laundry one day and started talking about random things. He was a nice man and I always had interesting conversation with him. One of the things he had said to me once was “don’t love your life so you will have to do pence for it later”.

I would not live his life as it was at the time but that piece of wisdom is one I like a lot.

There are pieces of wisdom I got from people in power suites that just scared me. That are not worth repeating because someone will agree with them and I don’t want to start that argument with any.

I don’t know if I put a persons circumstances in to account all that much but theses are the first things that came to mind.

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