Trivia Night

I went to trivia night to night with my parents. It was a fun night.

There were 6 rounds of trivia.

You don’t know Jack – who is this jack (last name)

Real names- famous person real name (not stage name)

Woodstock -about the concert

What year- what year this event happened

Geometry – math

Awards- the awards for an industry

It was to get out of the house with my parents. Having fun eating and trying to answer the questions.

Well for the most part we were on the same page. Mom talks really loud.

We only got one question wrong with the you don’t know jack category. Mom and dad new most the answers.

We got a some answers right with the names. I was proud of my that I got the real name of Muddy Waters right. My Dad though I was wrong when I put up a C with my fingers. When we correct the answers at the end of the game I said C and it was the right answer. I yelled yes with pumping up my right arm. (You souls look up Muddy Waters he is an amazing musician).

My mom and I have lived in Ulster county in New York State. We got most of the answers right. Mom did not like the answer for 32 for musical acts. I new it was 32 and my mom was like it 45. It was 32. There was another one were my dad put the original price of the three day event at the door. Mom said free dad put $5. The Woodstock ended up being free with 400,000 people attending. The price was $25.

The only correct answer to what year. I said 1998 for the year the Titanic won 11 Oscars. Both my parents did not believe me.

Dad answered all of the questions.

We got some of the industry question right. They harder than you would think. It’s was just crazy what it’s was for some of the answers. Then one of the answers was up but we didn’t get the question. Then I always thought that there was daytime emmys and primetime emmys. Well it’s over and time to get over it.

It was a fun night of winning $25.

We had appetizers for dinner. I liked the sweet corn fritters.