The Processe Looks Like This

The process looks like this.  This is the Process that you get with the blog to bank Challenge.

  1. you write a blog post and publish it.
  2. you share that post on different social channels.
  3. you then sit cross-legged and wait for it to go viral
  4. you start thinking you suck at blogging, lose motivation to ever write again and get busy with other marketing tactics.

With what is listed right there I don’t fallow it all that much.

I post when I post. I need to get better with posting on a regular basis.  That is something I have not figure out yet.  Life gets in the way. Then there is also half the time I forget to publish it at all then delete what I tried to post.  Everybody has there little quirks.

I am lazy and use if this than that and it post on all of my different social media channels for me.  I was not going to take the time to post on all of them I get frustrated enough just writing a post.  So it gets out there but I don’t have to stress about it at all.  It also save me time and I’m all about that.

Truth be told I am sitting hear on my bed cross-legged because I want to get this done then go to sleep.  This is not going to go Viral so I don’t care.  I doing this so I keep busy with my time and not be bored.  Look at the name of my website A Bored Goodwin.  Take a guess what I do when I get bored I do something with my time.

I don’t suck a Blogging I am experimenting with a new was to express myself.  There is a learning curve with everything that a person does.  some pick it up right away and some not so much.  This whole website thing is were I struggle but its getting better.  I will need to ask help but the one person who I go to for the tech stuff has passed so I have to figure it out myself or pay for the help.  Lets see if I can do it or not.