The holiday about Love

The holiday about love.

Why do we need such a holiday? Why am I even writing this? Because a friend of my were talking on said holiday 3000 miles apart.

He was getting nervous about his first date with someone in years. Well I told him “good for you my last first date was when I was 20”. If you don’t already know I am in my almost mid 30’s so its been a while.

He said “I’m at about half that, but I’m still very nervous like I don’t even know if I want to. but I figure its time to give it a go see if it’s fulfilling or something”.

My answer was “Well good luck! I think dating is to much work. I’ll most likely end up getting married on the first date to get it over with.”

He’s opinion was “hahaha that’s the right idea”

Then I went on to say “I’m happy with who I am. I need to be happy to be able to be happy with someone else, but they are not going to be the reason I am whole. I am. F*** the rest of the world saying I need a significant other to be happy. I think I am going to write a blog post tomorrow.” (blog post happen a week later)

He was mature in saying “Cool yea you should. Yea I think I’m finally being like very good and fine on my own at like every level, so that’s why I was like ok. I’m going to try this we’ll see.”

Well I am immature in what I said next “good for you I’m just to lazy to do it, But I do have Bumble (not sponsored) and have talked to a few people but no one I’m’ willing to go out with or they are not willing to be spontaneous like I am. one day I’ll get y s*** together just not today”

So that is the conversation I had with a friend in New York. Go figure that he would be one of the few resalable people about it.

My mom on the other hand thinks that every time I go out with one of my guy friends its a date. She told me that she was working on getting us together. I told her that is not going to happen.

Every time I have that conversation with my mom it gets more irritating. I keep saying why do I need someone to be happy. The conversation just stops there. until the next time I go do something with that friend.

Truth be told I am happy. I get sick of people telling me I need to have a partner in life to be happy. In my world I don’t need that partner. I can go on fun adventures when I want to. Which means I don’t need to make plans with people and then have them fall through latter. That has happen more time than not.

Hell I don’t need to tell the world theses things. Someone else in this world just might need to know someone thinks like them. I know how hard its been to think the shy I do and go against the grain and forge my own path. Its easer to just go with what the crowd and try to find happiness with someone else instead of being happy within.