can i survive in the online biz?

Can I survive in the online biz?                                                 Blog 2 Bank day 1 I learn about 3 C’s which are connection, credibility, and cash.  I have to learn connection with your audience.  […]

Blog to Bank Challenge

I say the blog 2 bank challenge in the last few weeks.  I wrote all of the questions that were apart of it.  Rachel Ngom put it on but at the time I was busy with life but did plan on doing it.  I will be using the questions that she wrote in the emails […]

I’m back! Let’s try this again

I am trying to figure out this website thing again. But this time I have a computer to work on.  Back story my computer I bought in 2009  decided to break down in February 2017.  So I live for over year without a computer.  The screen would no longer turn on because all the lights […]