Its been a SH** September

Its been a sh**September. I started September in California and ended it in Virginia.  In California it was smoky and I had not seen a sunrise or a sunset in a long time.  Thinking I would be able to be outside a lot more.  Mother nature had other ideas.  Its been 70% overcast weather.   […]

Mission Manassas

I went on an adventure and it was a mission to see Manassas. You could say that this is my first travel blog post about Manassas National Battlefield.  It was interesting being at a place that I have read about in different history classes.  I am from California so I only read about Manassas in […]

Blog to Bank Challenge

I say the blog 2 bank challenge in the last few weeks.  I wrote all of the questions that were apart of it.  Rachel Ngom put it on but at the time I was busy with life but did plan on doing it.  I will be using the questions that she wrote in the emails […]