Stupid Website

This is a Stupid Website.  

I keep having problems that are so simple that it should be able to fix.  I cant fix it half the time.   This new problem was when I went on a road trip with my family.  I scheduled a lot of the Blog 2 Bank Challenge questions that I wrote during the challenge to write about to find out what my website was going to be about.  well half of my scheduled post did not post and the post that I wrote about the road trip did not post either.  I don’t know what happened but it did happen.

This is something I need to fix.  I will learn how to fix this or make sure I do it right so it does not happen again.  thinking I was all set up to post at least every day.  That did not happen.  I need to get things situated with this.  

Rachel Nogm has another challenge coming up on the 3 of December that I want to try and be apart of.  This time I will not just write the questions down and do it latter I will do it with everyone else at the same time.  I will also post in the Face book group and everything.  

I am figuring out this website/blog thing.  Something I have to learn still to be consistent with it.  Also I have to not get frustrated when things don’t go my way with my stupid website.  One of these days I will learn about SCO and rely work with it.  Just not today.

I did figure out and set up how to see the different numbers of people seeing my post.  Some of you comet some do not but the small amount of people that do read my work thanks.  That was one thing I was working on to see the different stats.  That only took a year for me to figure it out.

I also took me forever to figure out is to put picture in my different post.  Which you can see in my road trip post.  I had a problem with some of the post and have to rewrite them but it will happen sooner rather than later.

I may hate my stupid website right know but it is helping me stay busy after my brother passed.