Still working on Spam

I am still working on spam.

Lets just say spammers suck.

Its been like two weeks and spam is a hassle. As of right now I have over 86,000 spam comments in my comment sections. Almost all of them are on one blog post. Conversation with a stranger professor from Sweden. I cant figure that one out.


The first thing that I did when I found out about spammers was complain about said spammers. Go figure that is what I would do.

The second thing I did was turn off the comments for my blog post. I thought that was a good idea.

Third I complained again about said spammers. With that post I also put a plan in to cation of figuring out hat I was going to do. I need to find out what security I want to use for my website. (still working on this part)

Forth I have been going through and marking spam comments spam. That is a long process and every once and a while I parentally delete said spam comments. (I wanted to know what type of comments were being left.)

Fifth thing I did was update all of my plugins for my website. I though this was a good idea. (it stopped even more spam comments)

Sixth was to check for spam comments on my comments page. Well that takes forever. probable because I have so many comments to go though.

The seventh things I did was still wat for the check for spam comments on my page to finish. (its been over an hour only 46% done)

Eighth thing I did is still wait. Its been over 2 hours and I want to eat dinner. (I’ll still eat dinner but waiting for this sucks. 70 % done)

Ninth thing that happen I yelled at the computer because it did nothing. I have over 86,000 spam comments. This was a waste of three hours.

Ten work on a new plan to get this done.