Starting Today

Starting today I will do everything I have been complaining about. I will figurer out scheduling and post all of the blogs that need to be posted. I will write blog post I have been meaning to write. I will make sure all of the travel I have done is in blog post. There will be pictures in more of my blogs post. I will blog reviews of books.

I will figure out how to start a subscription list for people. I have been given a lot of comments about it so I got to do that. Got to keep my readers happy. my mind goes to many different directions I need not figure out how I should do the email list. I should just ask my readers in a poll how they would like me to do it.

I will look into selling my art on line. One way I could starts is to write about my paintings and post about them. With that I can write a post about the different websites to sell art and compare and contrast them. That will lead to a conclusion of witch company I will be using.

With going of comparison I have said I will do that with the plugins that I will be using for security. I have been spammed and the last time I cheeked it was over 85,000 messages in the comments. I need to get rid of theses so I can get feed back from my readers. That is something I really need to work on.

Don’t want to forget to mention I have been thinking about getting a couple of affiliate links. Witch leads me to go through all of the affiliate networks and figure out witch one I will be using and why. There is also Amazon and maybe some one else. Something I need to figure out. Do I need to make a lot of money? No! Just some extra shiny pennies in my pockets every once and a while will help until I get my dream job or any job.

I will be redoing my website some. Not a lot just a little sprucing up hear and there. I like the lay out but one of the pages I made has yet to come live like I want it to. There has been a lot of comments about my website. This time I will write notes when making it pretty. Witch will lead to a post I can have people read when they ask what I use.

It looks like I will not be bored over the next few days. This is going to be a nice start to my website in the next year. I will still read the comments because they are what a lot of my post will be on and everything else. I listen to what my readers say, but for now I will not because I still have so much spam and have not figure out how to fix that problem yet. Its time to get my S*** together.