Starting My Blog

I have been starting my blog.  

The one thing that is consistent on my blog I forget to write blog post all the time.  With that I have started over and over again to figure out what I what it to be.  Then when I put a plan in to action to post more offended life happens and changes my plans. my brother dies and I don’t want to post.  I plan ahead to post when I am away and for some reason it does not post.  Then I write a post then it does not save or post at all and I have to rewrite the post.  So doing this I have been starting my blog over and over again.  I also cant forget that I got so frustrated with my blog that I did not want to work on it at all.

I just started my blog because I kept saying I would along with a YouTube channel.  So in the fall of 2017 that is what I did.  my friends liked this because they can see in to my life faster than when we see each other again.  it could be years between seeing them and telling them about my new adventures.  This has been working in my favor for that and they can read and talk about other things in life.  These people live there lives through me a little.  I just need to write about my adventures in a more timely manner.  

This could be a travel/adventures blog with all of my adventures I had in the last few months.  That is what I could do.  I have been narrowing my view of my blog over and over again.  I do this because I am bored I can put in things I am doing when I am bored.  Like the quilt I have been working on and things of that nature.  That would be strange but if I start out with it every once and a while I would make since.