I am going to start writing about speeches from some of the greatest speeches that were ever delivered. I am not the best public speaker there is in the world. I am a pretty good tour guide. There are things I still need to learn and to do that I will be reading and learning about some of the best speeches there ever was.

There are many great publich spechers out there and they have many speaches. How am i going to chose one. THat is something i am going to find out.

I could start with the lovley ladys that won the Acadamy Award for Best Documentary Shor Subject with there movies Period. End of Sentence. THey were political in the right sentes and powerfull in just a few lines. My dad even comented on there speech. That is saying something.

I could go and read a bunch of speeches and the history of when and were the speech was made. Then there is I could Look up a bunch of famous people then pick a speech. I could buy a book on speeches. Then there are the websites that i could look in to.

How am i going to figure out these speeches. This is something I am going to have to figure out.

What are the greatest Speeches of all time?

Can I learn from the people that spoke them?

What made these people successful?

Who are the greatest communicators?

Are there insights I could benefit from the Presentation of the Speeches?

These are some of the questions that have been running through my mind. I want to be and interpreter during a tour of a museum, National Park, and or a tour guide. To this I need to be better at public speaking. practicing by myself is not going to help me. Doing it in front of people would. The thing is if i can learn from peoples mistakes or from there work will help me.

Come join this ride with me.