Spammers suck

Spammers suck

Yes I am talking to people that spam other people.

For over a year I was good. I did not have to deal with the spam. Today is something different . I started to delete comets with websites on it. I new they were spam right away. I did not want to believe that in one day this would happen so fast. I went from 100 comments in about three days to al most 50,000 spam comments in one day.

This sucks.


It is official I have to find out the best plugin to fix this. To everyone that has asked if I had to deal with spam I just happen but I already been doing the research in what plugins to use. I have not figured out witch one to use or at what price point to use for the different plugins.

I have been on vacation trying to figure out a plan for my website and speed time with my family. Writing up about my trip and the things I have done. Then this happens. It takes me a while to do all the things I planed and I even tried to scheduled post again. That did not work as it happen. I just cant figure out how to post when I am busy. I make time to write them then schedule it but it does not post. I have been trying to figure this out and I will. I could be a simple mistake.

I have to change my plans and figure out this spam thing right away and not latter. It is one of those things that change plans. I am going to work on this when I get home in a few days. I might be able to see if I can figure out the scheduled of things now and do more inadept research in to the spam shit that I am dealing with

I read all comments before they are approved and shown to the world. So I have been putting a lot of work on that. I may not have answer all of the comments everyone has posts but if you end up seeing the post you wrote I read it.

I will fix this on my site and write about what I use and how I came to the conclusion.