Spammer still suck

Spammer still suck I’m having a problem spammers on my website it’s been a little over a week since it started. I’m trying to figure out how to fix all the spam comments.

Well I get the comments and I have not approved any of the spam comments so you don’t see the comments. I’ve even stopped comments on my blog post. Let’s figure out how to get the spam to stop.

Truth be told I’ve been doing a lot of research and what security systems and stuff to use for my website. It is down to two or three different security systems for the website. I am about to do a pro and con for all the different security systems through WordPress for my website. I just don’t know what to look for really yet. If my brother was still alive I would be asking him but he passed away in October.

I would ask my readers or other people for what do you think is good security for spam. But I can’t have them leave comments because I get all this spam. Reality of this it sucks last time I checked I had over 100,000 spam comments before I realize to stop comments on post. I am going to have to look back to make sure I stop the comments on my post so I get no more spam comments. I am going to have to look back to make sure I stop the comments on my post so I get no more spam comments.

Getting rid of spam comments takes a lot of time and doing it manually makes it even more time. And then I just get rid of the comments and then I forget to write my own post which I’m going to forget about the comments now. I’m just starting rain post again. I scheduled posts but for some stupid reason they did not post when I scheduled them. I still need to figure that out.

Truth be told spammers suck.

They want people to use their URL link they put on my website to make money for them or something for like affiliate links. But nothing they write goes along with what I post about. There are no affiliate links on my website yet because I didn’t put the research and to do that yet. But I’ve done a little when I’m trying to figure out what security I should be using for my website. I will figure this out.

It’s down to two different applications or plug-ins for my website. I don’t know if I want to do both or not. There are pros and cons of the ones I’ve read through so far through word press. That I’ll just have to make a list to see which one I want.

Once I get all the spam comments away. I’ll put comments back up. If you left a common already about stuff I’m sorry I didn’t get to it yet it’s I have a lot of spam comments and you might get deleted in it.

I will write a post of the pros and cons of what I went down to this plug-in over this plug-in or am I just picked both because I like different aspects of the two plug-ins.

With no job I have to do a cost analysis with all this. Because my website doesn’t make money. Because I have no reason to have it make money and less I wanted to keep going and paying for these plug-ins means I need money. But I actually want to 9-to-5 job in the field I went to school in. I will figure that out too.