Should I Monetize my Blog

Should I monetize my blog is a statement on day five of the blog to bank challenge. It takes you through the different ways you can monetize a blog.

  1. Affiliate products – This is the one I will most likely use. It is easy and simple for the most part if you use amazon. With other sites you will have to put work in to it. I have done research and this is the best bet for me . I give my opinion and not force something one some one because I am not the best at selling things.

Done-for-you services – I could sell services but that is not me.

coaching and consulting – I don’t like the idea of coaching or consulting someone at all. If I did this I would become a counselor and help people talk through there s***. There is too much gray area with this. its not for me.

physical products – I want to sell my art on-line so I could do this. I just need to find out what website I want to use to sell it. Then again I could use a merchandise store latter to. This is something that I need to look into.

e-books – I am in the prosses of typing up and hand written book I have been working on for the last 10 years. I think I could do E-Books it they were fun reading books not a self help book or something like that. I don’t read them so why would I tell some one to buy it to read it.

sponsored adds – This is probably simple to do with google AdSense or something. I have done a little research in it. I just don’t know when is it a good time to start it. I wanted a little bit of a following before I try to get money out of people.

Truth be told these are some ways to make money on my blog. I just don’t know if it’s the right time to start putting some of these things into motion.

I will figure it out when I am ready.