Scheduled post were hared for me.

The reason being was I thought I scheduled the post. I would pick a date and a time and the press a button. What happen is they went to drafts and stayed there and nothing happen after that. I have so many post that need to be posted that it is not funny. I have made it a point to finally figure this out this year.

One of the first thigs I did was update all of the plugins that I had. Good thing I did that. The update for writing my post plugin changed a little bit. and I understand what I have to do with scheduling my post better.

There is now a side bar when I type up my post. That was not there before. I can change the text settings and see what they are instead of going to the top of the page. I like this. it is for the block that I am writing in. What that means it is the new paragraph that I am writing in. I can even change the color of the text from this side bar under block.

I don’t want to forget the part that says document in the side bar. You can not type up a post and see document at the same time. It starts with status and visibility at the top. I have visibility as pubic in other words, so the world can read it. It has a publish thing. If that says immediately that is when the post will go live. When I click on it a calendar shows up and I can pick a day, and a time and schedule my post.

This new update for the plugin Elementor makes it easier to schedule post. I am still learning all of the other parts of the side bar.

Categories I can pick from the different ones I have made for my blog post such as website/blog, youtube, and others that I have use in the past.

Permalink were I can but a link to a different website or something.

Then there is Tag. I can pick from different tags that I have already used or make new ones for a blog post.

Featured image were I can put an image for my post I think but have yet to use.

Excerpt is something else I have yet to use but understand what it is for. write a summary of my post.

Discussion do I want comments or allow pingbacks and trackbacks. Something else in need to learn how to use and what it does.

Post Attributes what ever this is.

Sharing don’t know what this is either.

So I learn one thing I wanted to learn scheduling. figured out there are many other things in need to learn.