Road Trip Day 2 (11/19/2018)

Road trip day 2 is my brother birthday.

It was a ruff one. It’s has been a sad day.

It’s started with a bath in a big soaking tub. You know the ones were you can actually fit you body into it.

Then a brunch at a buffet that sucks. The food for the most part was cold. Who wants to pay 22 dollars for a cold meal. I tried lots of things but my favorite was the apple crips/crumble that they had. It was hot and good. Unless you ordered the chefs made omelet or waffles the food was cold.

I will not wast my money on this buffet again savor brunch buffet again.

Went to the MGM to the Television city and watched pilot episode of a TV show. It was a new comedy that they think will make it I wasn’t a fan but I also can’t really talk about it so that’s about that. Then I did a Nother survey about like phone usage and like Facebook and Instagram and stuff like that and for 10 minutes of my time they give me $50. That was pretty awesome.Then it was back to the hotel room to hang out. I also was using Facebook Instagram YouTube and everything else I could think of to post about my brothers death and it’s his birthday and fighting for getting the dog back. Today is my brothers birthday he would’ve been 28 years old.

We are on this road trip because my parents especially my mom cannot stay home and the house my brother my sister and I grew up in. We’re in Las Vegas for today waiting for my sister to meet up with us.

Back on topic we went to go gamble at Hooters because they have cheap tables there I did pretty well at the roulette table. Somehow I lost all my $20 at the craps table but I was the one rolling. It was crazy I would roll of six have my five dollars down and then roller seven. Or I would roll a three or a 5 to 3 or six or something that doesn’t count towards winning and lose my money. Like that was a no go.

Then I played wheel of fortune with the last of my $50 and I got up wake up I was making money I had like 250 to 280 credits and it was a dollar credit I don’t dollar credit quarter credit and I was playing five credits and I really got up there and I was winning like three credits so I was making money. Parents showed up should’ve just left with him lost all my money so I no longer have my $50 I started out gambling with. But it was a free $50 from television city in MGM and it lasted me a good while.

I went to Robert Irvine’s restaurant in the Tropicana for a burger. It was really good burger. It was the fork and knife burger. The difference is I could not have cheese on mine.

With going there for dinner I started going to the members area and got 10 dollars of free play. That free play lasted me more that a half hour. Then it’s break time till my sister got in to the airport.

I had to take her out to get some dinner. We went to the first bar we saw in MGM for her dinner. That is because that is were we found her something she would eat.

Then it’s time for bed and to figure out what we are going to do tomorrow.