Road Trip Day 1 (11/18/2018)

This is the first day of a road trip my family and I are going on. We could not be home for my brothers 28 birthday. He passed away on 10/12/2018. Also Thanksgiving is this week and is the first major holiday after his death. We are grieving as a family. Can’t forget to mention that we are bringing my brother with us.

The start time was supposed to be at 6 am. Well that came and went and I took the dog out at 8 for a nice hike. My family did not get up till about 9 am then we had to pack.

I have been packed for a few days because I did not want to wash my clothing again. So I packed the food in a nice box that was stable enough for things to be pack on top of it. I pack two ice chest. A small six pack with drinks for the day. A larger one that holds some extra drinks and lunch meet and sandwich supplies. I also packed the back of the car.

Before we left I got into a staring contest with a buck.

Ian slowly walking towards the buck.

I am only getting so close to it. I still on the road and just zooming into it. I am never closer than 17 feet from it.

We did not leave the house until 11 am. But we are on are way to sin city.

First stop gas’s at the cheep place on the was to Lake Tahoe.

We are going the mountains way to Las Vegas as something different. We have made the trip going to fastest way with all of the freeways 99/5 to 58 to 40 to 95. There are the California fires happening so it would not be fun. A friend of the family went to Palm Springs and said she could not see the road signs. Dad decided that we are going to take the pretty tree cover way to Las Vegas. 50 to 89 to 88 to 89 to 395 to 120 To 6 whatever way we decided to go. This was we pass Mono Lake.

I just found out that my dad has the Twitter message sound for his messages. I asked if he had a Twitter he said “no”. Go figure my dad trying to be high tech like the rest of the world with out really being high tech.

second stop gas’s in I don’t know where town somewhere in California. But there was a great view of Boundary Peak.

We stopped again in the middle of nowhere to eat. It was about 4:30 pm.

The last stop before Vegas was another gas station. The Death Valley nuts and candy station or something like that. I bought some rock candy and the fancy fruit because they were on the cheaper side even in the middle of nowhere.

Well we got in to the city first stop the supermarket so we could buy some liquor. Next stop was to the Tropicana.

A picture of my almost view of the 4 corners on the strip.