Pick a Topic

Pick a topic that you want to predict or comment on in your niche to establish yourself as a thought leader.

This is a questions that I can get behind in the blog to bank challenge homework day two.

I don’t know if I am a thought leader but I do like talking to strangers.  Of all of my post over the last year Conversations with strangers is one that people like to read about.

In these post I go into as little of detail about who people are like there race or age because we don’t need to know that.  I do say if they are a male or a female because there is a difference in that and how often one talks to a stranger.  I do say what type of job that person has had.  The reason for that is there needs to be a describing characteristic of a person.

People have told me that I just talk to one race.  Unknown to all that read this it is people of many different races because I don’t want to put some one in a box based on the color of there skin.  I don’t like people butting me in a box because of my disability thinking I should be stupid.  With that I just talk about them as their job title because there could be different races in all of the differ jobs.

He or She and a job title are all I need to tell a story of the conversation that I had with someone because any more details and there are going to be prejudice against people.  I want my readers to think that I could talk about them next with out them knowing I am talking to them.  Good conversations should be good conversation but people out there in the world need to know that there might be someone who is willing to listen to me.  a stranger could help you think something out, keep your mind off of something bad, just make your day when your sad or pass the time away when you are waiting for a but.