Offering Something

Offering something that doesn’t resonate with the content you’ve been sharing on your blog.  (you can’t sell peanut butter cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting on a weight loss blog)

This is another thing that Rachel Ngom blog to bank challenge back in august.  Life gets in the way but I will always finish what I start and this is me doing just that.   She had started a new challenge on 12-1-2018 and I have been keeping up with that one better.

I cant offer something when I don’t have a true vision of my blog.  Most of my blog post have been about the blog to bank challenge.  Why offer something when I don’t know really know what my blog is about yet.  Rachel Ngom have made me think about a lot of things with her challenge.  I need to know were I am going with this blog before I do some of the things she want us to do.  

With what she said about the weight loss blog makes scents to me.   I need to know my audience and I have a small one know and they are mostly family members.  They are some good critics to start out and to narrow down my vision for my blog.  I do this because I am bored so my blog can be about everything I do because I am bored.  I have been working on a new quilt.  Also about my trips I have taken over the last year.  I have started that but I need to finish the last road trip.  For some reason it did not post.

I have been thinking about the email list.  A lot of my readers have asked me about having a email list because they like I what I written.  another thing I need to figure out.