New Year Resolutions

New Years Resolutions are things people do for themselves I think.

When I was 17 I stopped drinking a lot of soda or eating fast food. I realize I ate or drank way to much of them. It’s been over 10 years now and I occasionally treat myself to them. The difference now is the sodas have too much sugar and other things that I don’t like the taste of them. When it comes down to the fast food its is way to greasy for me to eat any more. One reason is I don’t have a gallbladder to help digest the food.

I should say I stoped eating cheese because it’s to fatty but that’s not the reason. After having my gallbladder removed it’s just painful to eat cheese,yogurt and peppers. So now I am on a restricted diet because I would end up in the hospital if I don’t. It’s like my body cans digest those foods any more. I am not lactose intolerant at all I drink milk and eat ice cream. So to the people who give me hard looks or questions me all the time about those things it’s my body not yours back off.

Let’s see what can I do this year. I don’t know at all. Maybe I’ll make a list and then pick one or two.

  • Blog more consistent (been try that for a while)
  • Stop eating sweets so much (started again after My brother death)
  • Find a real job (I like having a job)
  • Sell my art on line (I need a job)
  • Finish my degree in parks and recreation (the school screw me over many times I thinks about transferring so I don’t have to deal with them anymore but only had 3classes left)
  • Post about my fun adventures closer to when they happen
  • Post about the last fun adventures that already happened
  • Send out post cards when I write them
  • Send out the holiday card I already wrote

So I have a list of things I could work on for the year.

I think I will pick the don’t eat the sweets as much. Need to be a little more healthy. I like the way I look but I hold my fat in my stomach and get asked if I am pregnant one to many times. I don’t need or want to lose a lot of weight. Just so I look less pregnant to people.

Everything else I have been trying for off an on for the last few years let’s see if I even get it done.