Natural Prosses for a Blog

There is not Natural Prosses for a blog. This is another statement I read in the blog to bank challenge by Rachel Ngon. It makes you think about blogs and websites in a matter of fact way.

Lets go in to more details in what she really said “no natural prosses for blog visitors and readers. When people don’t know what today after reading your blog post they leave. Give them a reason to stay.” Rachel Ngon

Well with what she said there I have to say that is one of the reasons I have yet put affiliate marketing on my blog. The reason for this is because I did not and still do not think my blog is all that important to people. I am doing this because I am bored are they reading this because they are bored. I don’t know if I even caught there attention yet.

Why have I thought I have not caught there attention yet. I have yet to find my voice for my blog. I have great ideas and made some movement to make that happen. I will need to keep up with what I promise my readers. I like the idea of some of my blog post. Conversations with strangers is my favorite because I like talking to people and we as people need to have more conversations with people. that means I need to get out of the house and have conversations. Which is the problem I have no money rely and need a job.

I can tell people to read other post I have written but what if it is not something that they like. These are things you have to deal with, with a website, and putting your writings out into the world. (I could have worded this better but it is not coming to me) There are things I have to work on and learn but giving a person a reason to stay in a pretty big one.