Natural process to create trust

I don’t know if I have the natural process to create trust. I write from the hart and what I know about nothing more nothing less.

This is another homework question from the blog to bank challenge day 4 from Rachel Ngom. Well it really says “do you have a natural process in place to create know like and trust factor with your readers and subscribers?”

That is probably the reason why I have been taking my time about this website stuff. I have been posting about my ups and my downs. There had been adventures and sadness and everything in-between. The whole time I have only been me. No lying just being me. I have been up front and forward in who I am to everyone, because that is all I am able to do. I want to be able to look myself in the mirror at night before I go to bed. I also only write what I would let my grandma see if she were still alive.

I have been hoping to gain everyone trust over time. you are either going to like me or you are not. I will not tell you what to think or how to think because we are all different people and should be able to think for are selves. I am just giving my opinions about things in the world or conversations I have had or things that made me think. These are opinions not facts for the most part and not me preaching to you to do something it is just me talking to the world.

I hope I come off at authentic to people. It will take time to get trust from the people that read my post but I have the time to do it.

That is what I hope for.