My Succulent Garden

My succulent garden is finally finished.

My mom got the succulents from a bridal show. They were made in to a purse. It was a nice little thing for the first three years of its life.

In 2018 I decided to transplant the succulents to something bigger. I also wanted to move them so they had a better chance at living animals were eating them.

The succulents got moved from the back deck to the front porch. That was a simple move to make. They got pretty good sun light to great sun light.

I had to take apart all of the metal to plant the succulents into a bigger container.

The picture above is what the succulents looked like after I planted them. You can see some leafs in the garden and they were some succulents that I was growing in the garage so there could be more.

I left it alone until the rainy season hit Northern California. The first rain the the garden got to much water inside so my dad and I slowly dump it out. We ended up moving the succulents under the overhang of the front porch. Were they are today waiting for the good weather of spring. I should mention that I have not watered them sense the start of the rainy weather. My succulents are still alive.

Starting in 2019 I decided that there need to be more colors in my succulent garden I start to go the the different home improvement stores to look for what I wanted.

When there I would only use what money I had in my pocket. So i would not use mono could not spend. That was a good idea at the time. It made me really look at the succulent and take my time to pick them out.

The first was three yellow and red pointy star succulents. They add some much need color to the garden. (I don’t have pictures)

Then next was tall red balloon looking succulents. They added red and some height to the succulent garden.

In the picture above you can see both the yellow and red stars and the red balloons.

I waited days to weeks before I got new plants for my succulent garden.

I planted what I think will be the last of the succulents today. I had five little plants to use. A red purple plans that looked like it will give the garden some height to it. Then red green plants the looked like bubbles sorta for some more colors.

Above are the last five plants.

They are adding some much need color to my garden.

Above is a picture of my finish succulent garden. I have add things here and there. I think they will grow in the sun this spring and summer. If I find a huge whole of dirt somewhere I will find a succulent to fill it in. That will not happen until the succulents have time to grow in the sun