Mission Manassas

I went on an adventure and it was a mission to see Manassas.

You could say that this is my first travel blog post about Manassas National Battlefield.  It was interesting being at a place that I have read about in different history classes.  I am from California so I only read about Manassas in the past.  With reading about something you don’t really feel that connection to a place and time in history.  

I  was at Manassas National Battlefield for a few hours.  I walked around the paths that took me around the first battle of Manassas (Bull Run).  I learned about the different fronts were the Union were and the Confederates were located.  I walked were this battle was.  There were some post that said were some one died.  I did not read those post again I don’t want to know I am standing were someone died or where they are buried.  I start thinking about did they have a family.  Are their family lines still alive in todays world.  Does the family agree with what is happening in the country today.  These thoughts are done with respect but thoughts I don’t want to have the whole time I am on a battlefield were lots of people lost there their lives.

I caught up to the end of the tour and learned how Stonewall Jackson Got his nick name.  

I spent the rest of the day going to the different spots of the tour for the larger battle that happen in Manassas.  I had to drive around to get to the different areas.  I did not make it to all of the stops because it was getting dark.  It was a good adventure to learn more about the nations past that I did not connect too till I went to Manassas.




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