Mellow People

I am what you could say as mellow people. I go with the flow of things for the most part.

I just had a conversation with my mom that is on the normal side of things. I am not worried or getting upset about something and she has a problem with that.

Things you should know before I continue

  • I am dyslexic
  • I have been to therapy
  • I have been treated differently most of my life (special education)
  • I don’t show my emotions a lot
  • Nobody in my family likes my fun personality so I don’t show it any more
  • People don’t see me as the person I am they see me as the person I was
  • I have retaken classes over again multiple times
  • I struggle in school (situational depression)
  • I work hard and not succeed multiple times
  • I live a simple life

I am working on a project for something and it needs to be done soon. I have been working on it for a while and it will be done on time.

My mom I worried that I waited till the last minute and it won’t be done. Yet she has seen me working on my project. I have a few tweaks to make to it and it will be done.

My mom is worried that I will have to do it all over again.

My answer to her is I have been doing things over and over again for years it’s part of my life.

She was not happy with that answer. Well it’s the best I can give her. It is a part of life and I have been dealing with it for far to long.

I fight for myself because I don’t know if others will help. Too many people said they will help me do something in my life. Then I would ask for the help they offer they will not help or they forget that they offer. Then there’s the I did my work then I am waiting for someone else to do what they said they would do and take forever and then get mad at me (those people suck). Those are some of the cards that I have been working with.

My opinion is I do my best and if I fail I try again. It might take me a few try’s to get it done but I will get it done.

I think my mom thinks I don’t care about it anymore. Well I care but I don’t worry about things I cannot control. I could put the work in and then pass or fail.

I always have plans in my life and I can easily change something to make it work or happen in a different way. Yay I have plans for my life and back up plans for the same life. You would not know that looking at me but I do. I can just switch things up to make the life I want happen in a different way.

With having these different plans I can change my plans and still get on with my life. I don’t dwell in the past or take things to hard because it’s just life. All people failed at some point I just happen to do it more than others. I am mellow people because I know there are things I can’t change. I don’t try to change them for the most part unless I know something was not right and how things go down.

I am mellow people. That is just who I am. Have a problem with it. I don’t care because there is no reason to care what you think.