Making My Website Look Pretty Part 2

I have been working on making my website look pretty. This is the second time I have been working on it this year. For once it did not take me two months to get back to it.

My home page is almost to what I want it to look like. It was trial and error to get what I want done. I am still working on it. There are just little bits of work to get it to were I want it to be. It is looking like how I always envision it to look like. It just took over a year and a half to go it.

It took me a few try’s to get the gallery to work. I wanted to show off some of my pictures and where they were taken. It would not upload for some reason so I could publish it to my home page. It took three or four different try’s to get it done. But I did it all on my own and worked at it and did not give up. I may have given up on writing blog post because I was working on my website. Which reminds me I nee to learn how to put pictures in said blog post. I will figure that out soon.

I even put up my MailChimp subscription service email grabber. then I realized it was the one that comes from MailChimp on WordPress. I need to figure out how to get the one I designed on to my website from MailChimp. It is probably a simple fix. I just need to figure it out.

My home page is getting to where I want it to look like. I have written on my home page about what you can find on my website. I had to rewrite all of that multiple times because this is what people are going to judge me on. I am going to have to tell people about being dyslexic on that page. That is something I have been having a hard time in figuring out how to tell that to people. Being dyslexic will be on the home page soon.

If I am able to figure this out slowly with the help of YouTube videos most people should be able to. I am not challenging you to do just that but you should just take the bull by the horns and figure it out. I did not wait till my website was perfect to do this I started doing one post at a time.