Lead Generation

Is your blog optimized for lead generation?

This is a Homework assignment for day three of the blog to bank Challenge.

Truth be told no. 

One reason is that my readability sucks.  I am trying hard but the website says my readability needs work.  One of the reason I am doing this is so I can write more to become a better writer.  Practice makes prefect right. 

Second is my SEO sucks because I don’t know how to use it to the best of my ability.  I am still trying to figure out how to use it at all.  I have been researching it to use it.  I will still work on my writing ability and figuring out how to do SEO.

Third I have not optimized anything to market my website.  I could do more than what I do now.  Yet I am working on finding my voice and everything else with my website.  I could do research in to optimizing my website more but I have other things one my mind.  I don’t think you understated how long it takes me to write my different blog post.

Forth What dose it mean to generate a lead. I have yet to start making money on my website yet.  I have to generate a lead to make money.  Aboredgoodwin.com does not have any Affiliates or ads on the website so how am I going to generate a lead to make money.  

Lets go back to generate a lead.  It does mean to make money right, or does it mean to get a new consumer.  To my knowledge I am not selling anything yet.  

I understand why this was a homework question.  Its just not something I am worried about yet.  I am just trying to write 300 words every time I post.