It has been a crazy month

It has been a crazy month for me. I started it out in Virginia.  Went home to California with plans to see friends and family and a baby shower.  Then I went to Chicago for a reason someone should never go to a place.  Drove to Atlanta over two days .  Visited a friend and his family on St Simons Island.  Ended up back in Atlanta.  Trying to figure out were I am doing to be headed out next.  

I will figure this out.  Bad things had happen in my life.  Ok things have happen in my life.  Good things will happen in my life.

I help my family out a lot.  That is how I ended up in Virginia. My aunt had her knee replaced I just drove her a lot and went on little adventures.  I enjoyed my time there and felt like I was helping out.

I ended up back home in California with plans to see friends.  We all are doing are best trying to Adulting.  So we don’t end up seeing each other all that much any more.  It does not help that I have a tendons to get up and leave California for a job somewhere or to help family.   That just me and I should write a post about it.  I had plans to go to a baby shower for a friend that loves my adventures on Saturday.  Also to see a grade school friend to get lunch and see a movie.  Those plans change because we got the call my brother died. 

I ended up in Chicago on Sunday.  With my family getting my brothers affairs in order.  It was the first time was in the city and I don’t know if I will ever go again.

Drove to Atlanta with some of my brothers things so my sister can have them.  had a great conversation with a stranger at the hotel.  

Went to St. Simons island to get my shit back together.  Needed to grieve and get the pieces together so I could help my family.  another reason why I was there it was just a drive away from my sister just in case.  Don’t tell her that. 

Then I went back to spend time with my sister.  To slowly get her to go to grief counseling. I love my sister but she does not tell me anything I want to help her.  I need to figure out what I am going to do. 

New Orleans Hear I come.