I have Finally got MailChimp

I have Finally got MailChimp. To the People that have been asking my for a subscription things. I have done it.

I for the longest time did not want to get a subscription service because I did not think my Website/Blog was good enough for it. Well as I was redoing my website for the third time and finally getting a true home page. I decided to take the advice of my readers and get a subscriptions service.

I went with MailChimp as my service.

  • Lots of bloggers suggest it when’s starting out
  • when I was fallowing YouTube video they showed me how easy it was to set up on my website/blog
  • It was easy to set up
  • I was able to draft my emails with ease fallowing the tutorial.
  • I have a welcome email set up in minutes to my liking.
  • I was able to customize what people see with just a YouTube video
  • I did it on my own in about 30 min

That is a list of how I came to set up my account. I also I decided on making the account. I don’t know if you understand my list but that is how my mind works. I also have been doing research in finding a Subscription service over the last few months and for right now I am with MailChimp.

To all of my readers. I have found a subscription service that I will be using. I will be putting up the link in the next few days on my website on the home page and on the about page.

I should mention I will only be emailing you on Sundays after noon sometime but before midnight. I personally don’t like to many emails form people/company’s, so I will just make it the one a week. In it will have all of the blog post for the week and anything I do on YouTube or something along those lines. The main purpose will be the blog post for the week.