I Have Been Writing a Book part 1

I have been writing a book

I decided I am going to get it published. Figuring out how or who to publish with is a lot of work.

You can go with the big publishers with the backing of a big name or name in general. There is a long process for that. You need to send in your work to them to read. They ether like it or not.

You will have to wait and see if they will take you. You might have to sign something that says you need to sign thus before they read your work. Then there might be that you need to send in a synopsis of your work.

Some people say it might be easier with a literary agency to help with the process. Yet again you have to see if they will take you one.

I think that that is a lot of work for a bunch of maybes. Then again going that way you will have backing and people that know what they are doing.

I think the publishing company’s need to put up a list of what to do or what is going to happen on there website. Some say read this and sign it just for us to read your work. Then there was read this then send in a synopsis of the work. Don’t forget that there was the websites that don’t bother telling you what to do. Can’t they just say we are taking synopses now don’t send the whole book.

That was way confusing to me. I am not going that route because I’m not dealing with people right away. You get emails and computer answers. I like dealing with people.

I have looked into self publishing. It was confusing at first with finding out how to do it. There was a lot of website and blogs being read to find out how to do it.

There are companies that help you along the way. They have resources to help you on your way. With things like editing, advertisements and others things. You will have to pay for everything but you get all the royalties and not have to deal with the publishing house taking a huge chunk.

Then is just doing everything on your own. That just sounds like a crapshoot.

I decided to go with the self publishing company that helps you with everything. I just need to find the money to get the editing done.

I should work more with typing up my book. It has been hand written over the last 10 years. I have started typing it up I just need to finish and to figure out a better ending.

I will start going to a shut up a writing group to help me get the ending that I like. There are just two many way I can end it.