How much money?

Home much money? Is another homework assignment from the blog to bank challenge by Rachel Ngom. What it really says is “how much money are you aiming to make in the next 90 days? How many sales will make it happen?”

Truth be told I don’t plane on making any money in the next 90 days. I am still trying to figure out affiliate networks and witch one I will be using. That is a lot of work in itself. I think the amazon one is what I will really start using soon because I could try to sell a lot of things. Some of which are books that I own and could start reviewing.

It will by 0 sales to make it happen. Why because I don’t plan on selling anything. its just that simple. I plan on slowly dipping my toes in the water. with getting more and more confidences in using what is available to me.

Its just that simple. I am supposed to do these in 300 word posts. I just can’t think of anything else.