Getting Lost

I got lost on the subway system again. I was going to do a bunch of sites of the open house yew York. I got so turned around and wat not in  Brooklyn. After 2 hours underground I have given up going to the frist stop I plan. I will not go to any of the other stopes and just get on the D train and go to Cone island instead.  There is time in my day to figure it out. The struggle of it all is too much and I just want to relax on my Sunday. 

I did go to two of my stops from yesterday. They were the marble cemetery’s in  Manhattan. They were interesting stops that I had. The cemeteries are actually quite beautiful and you could only go into the sea year during open house New York. It was such a calm feeling in the middle of a crazy busy city or the crazy busy  Manhattan Island. 

I’m just sitting on the beach talk to texting on my phone putting up a bunch a blog post. Hoping I do not get lost on my way home. 

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