Finished Blog to Bank

I finally finished the blog to bank challenge.

I used it as a process of figuring out what I would and should do for my website/blog. I think I was a good thing that I tried this.

During the process I had to really look inside and see what I want to do with my website. I just what to have fun with it and post about what’s on my mind. I like having conversations with stranger and posting about them because its makes other people realize they can talk to people too.

It has made me plan a out what I am going to do more often. There are going to be more post more often and in more categories. I like reading and can start reviewing books. I’m on social media to much and can use what I see as post. One of which can be about tweets that make me think.

I need to work smarter not harder. I will start doing some of the normal blog post that people start with. 10 things list, are popular blog topics.

I need to put in at least 300 words into a blog post. That is something I have been working on. Making the blog to bank challenge in to blog post has been making me write.

I could being doing things to make a lot of money. That is not me in any way. I would like enough to live off of. This is just a hobby that I have when I get bored. Other people get bored too, so why not let people know what I do just in case they what to do something.

I like that it was making me think about other things than what I was thinking. It was making me think more about being an entrepreneur. That is way out of my box.

Things with my website/blog will change. I will change with it. I will make it look the way I want. I will emphasized what I want. I will be true to myself the whole time. what else can I do until I figure this out.