Finally a subscription service

I finally decided to do the research to get a subscription service. It was interesting. No I have an email subscription stuff.

For all the people who are reading my blog my website and all that fun stuff I finally figure it out. I have been reading your comments with you saying you wanted me to do this. I am going to send emails out on Sunday afternoons.

I’m going to be using mailchimp because it’s free and I have no money right now. I’m still working out how to do this. I’ve set up the first email so when you subscribe there’s an email for me. I just need to figure out how to put it onto my website now.

Mailchip was easy to use. It took less than five minutes to set up an account.

I have been reading the comments and I said I would eventually get a subscription email for you guys. Here it is. I just have to learn how to use it and get it really started.

I will get it up on my website to subscribe in the next couple days and I have my first email so when you subscribe you get one for me. And starting Sunday, February 3 2019 going to be sending out an email about the blog post I’ve done already.

I said I will get this subscription stuff up for this year. And it’s before for the end of January 2019. Yay me!

I will get better I will do more posts things will get better. I do read all the comments and I will do what you guys ask me for the most part.