Figuring out Scheduling

I am trying to figure out scheduling.

I have scheduled this post to go out in the early am of the 9 of January. Will it work or not.

I have tried to scheduled post over the last year. They have not posted when I thought that they would. That’s a big problem that I have.

There are so many post that I have written have not made it on to my blog yet. This is something I need to fix. I have road trip blogs that need to go up. Maui blogs that need to be posted. I am working on fixing this.

There has been an up date on WordPress and things have changed.

I hope that this will make scheduling all of my blog post easer. But one of the changes make is that my blog post have numbers on the end of them and not the name of the blog post. That is a thing I had set up for all of my blog post when I started my website.

I understand things change and I need to change with them.

When I get home from family vacation I will have to change that back. With watching YouTube videos. That is even more things I can write about and schedule so it can come out over the different days and not just one day.

I will figure it out this time.

I will make it work.

I will complain because it is going to be a struggle and my readers like knowing about the struggle. For some reason they like to know that they are not the only ones having this problem.

This is what I can do when I am bored. I will have lots of things to do to stay busy and not be bored. Yet the title of my website is Abored Goodwin.