Dose your offer complement your blogs content?

Dose your offer complement your blogs content? Is another homework question from the blog to bank challenge Rachel Ngom had.

Well considering I am not selling anything yet my answer is no.

The reason why I don’t have a mailing list is I am still figuring out my website. why have a mailing list when you don’t know what you website is about yet. I have talked about so many different topics and have change my point of view a few times. nobody needs to see that in a mailing list. that is something I plan to look into when I know what I am about. I have been narrowing things down but the name for this website is aboredgoodwin. I could do many things when I am bored so it is still broad enough so the random things I do can fit in easily enough.

I don’t think ill will be making offers to get people on my mailing list. I have so many comments on different post that I am ok with the few people I will get. the reason for this train of thought is that I am not selling services I will be selling goods.

This is making sure I think about offers for my website. This is for the future not today. I have seen a lot of people with fre offers to get people to get them on there mailing list. The problem I have with that is I don’t have a mailing list.

I think that is a very good reason. Why put in all of this extra work when I could be do something that entrust me. There is no reason for me to market and get people on an email list that I do not have and I am not selling services. I could change my mind in the future but as of today this is what I think.