Don’t Tell Me What I Can Eat.

Don’t tell me what I can eat.

First thing you need to know is that I don’t have a gallbladder. That is a story, but not the one I am telling you today. After I had it removed I could no longer eat certain things.

I cant eat cheese. When I eat it feels like a lump in the bottom of my stomach. Its like I can’t digest the cheese. There is a lot of pain in my stomach. I think its because I no longer a bile storage under my liver. Bile helps you digest your food. I end up in the emergency room.

I cant eat Yogurt. It causes the same problems as cheese. Yogurt has its own problems in my system. It gives me the runs with all of the pain. Its not fun.

I shouldn’t eat a lot of peppers. I just have an upset stomach that last forever. That’s not so much fun.

So you know that background information.

My mom tonight told me that we are going to have some hot wings while watch the Oscars. The wings are made with a hot sauce she told me “oh can you even eat that”. I always have to say I know what I can or can not eat.

I had my gallbladder removed when I was 29 years old. Its not like this is been my whole life. I don’t need her to act like it has been my life acting like I don’t know if I can handle what I can eat. Living with some roommates from school. I had to figure out what I can eat all on my own.

Then there is the time I was working in New York City. I was lets say at a end of the year party for my job. There was ice cream Sundays being served. When I was making my own people gave me a hard time. Someone told me “you cant eat that”. Yay someone I have worked with for four months is saying I cant eat something. I don’t understand why she thought that she could tell me what I can eat. I told her not so nicely “I can’t eat cheese, yogurt and peppers when did I say I cant eat ice cream”. She told me that because ice cream was dairy”. my answer was “I never said I cant eat dairy”.

I have had these types of conversations with people all of the time. I tell a waiter/bartender I can’t eat cheese. With that I don’t order any thing with cheese in it. I like dipping my fries if ranch dressing which has dairy in it. I had cheese end up on my burger I sent it back. It was not a lot of cheese but enough to have me end up in the hospital. The manager came out and told me that because I have ranch I should be fine with the cheese. Well the problem with that statements is that I cant eat cheese not that I can’t do dairy.

I just need people to believe I know what I can or can not eat. I am old enough to tell people what I can and can not eat.