Do I want to be a millionaire?

Do I want to be a millionaire? 

Truth be told.  no.

What some one does not want to be a millionaire?  That’s me.  I just want to live a simple life.  hear is I list of a few things that I want but its not a million dollars.

  1. pay off student loans
  2. find a place to set down roots 
  3. build my own home
  4. live off the land with growing my own food
  5. maybe join the Peace Corps
  6. be able to retire and live the peaceful life 

That is the simple plan for my life.  Its not much but its what I want.  I know money dose not fix the problems it just helps hide the problem.

I don’t plan on don’t everything in my power to become a millionaire.  When it comes from the winning the lottery.  the winners end up bankrupt within a few years.  People ask them for money because they now have it.  Then you her about the stories that people kill the winners for the money.  That is not something I want to deal with.

If you are a millionaire do you even know who your friends are.  That is a legitimate question.  I think I will always worry about who my friends are or aren’t.  I have a problem with trusting people because I have had some good friends in the past that just stopped talking to me.  Like they went off to collage and thought I was not worth being a friend any more.  It had happen to many times in my life to trust people like that again.  If you are a millionaire do you have that type of problem.

I just want my simple life were I know who my friends are and don’t have to worry about the other stuff.  If not I will have to go to therapy to get over my hurt more and to learn to trust people after I have the money.