Day of the Dead (Watching COCO for the first time)

Day of the Dead.

I have known about day of the dead for a while.  I like the idea of celebrating the dead insisted of the person is dead and grieving there lost life for the rest of my life.

I watched COCO for the first time on Day of the Dead (2018).  I have been wanting to see the movie for some time.  I loved the colors in the movie.  The story line of finding who was the child’s grandfather truly was.  It is a Disney movie so its a up beat movie.  To tell the world the truth I want the afterlife like that with a chance of family members coming back to visit.

Truth be told I have had a few family members who pasted away in this last year.  I have grieved in my own way from the start.  I will still grieve in my own way.

I want to believe in something better for my family in the after life.  I also want to believe that they can come and visit during certain days of the year and one of them is the day of the dead.  I willing will admit that I have like the concept of the day of the dead and Obon festival (Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors).  Where people celebrate the people they have lost.  That is not what I grew up with in a western house hold.  I have taken a lot of anthropology, and art history classes where I have learned about these different practices that I did not grow up with.

I know they are not my culture growing up.  I still want to respect the other cultures and will not take it as my own because its not my culture.  I think I will only watch the movies that uplifting and about the day they are about like Coco for day of the dead.  I did watch Spirited Away during the Obon Festival even know it is not about Obon really because its the closest thing I could think of this year that was up beat.

I like that they are about honoring the dead.  I like the ideas about the dead and honoring them and there lives more than the heaven and hell I grew up with.  I am not going to westernize  these cultural events because they are not mine.  One thing I am gong to do in my life is to go to these events to see them in person.  I want to understand these events better and one way in understand better is to see it in person.

I will never understand why my brother died.  Looking into theses days and learning about them more might lead me to what I am searching for.  I don’t know what that is yet but the Day of the Dead and Obon Festival give me hope for something I am looking for.

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  1. I also have been intrigued by honoring the dead, and you made me want to see Coco. I think honoring our deceased love ones will help to keep the memories alive.

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