conversation with strangers

In the last month I have had many conversations with strangers.  I just did not write about them because my mind was else ware.

there was a comedian from Indianapolis who I talked to for 6 hours on a bus ride from Atlanta to Jacksonville.  We talked about many things in are lives and well it made the time go by so much faster on the Mega Bus.  

Then there was the nice lady that I talked to when I was waiting for my next bus in Savanna.  I forget her job title at the moment but it made the time go so much faster.  We could have been just sitting there waiting for the bus at the station for hours doing nothing or we could talk and make time go faster.  Time went so much faster than just reading on my phone or typing on my computer.

Cant forget the Canadian that I was staying in the same room of the hostel with.  The one person who I talked politics with because she is not from the states and we were comparing the two different political structures.  Go figure I can talk politics with a stranger form a different country.  I will not talk politics on my website because I do not want to sway people one way or the next or alienate people who like what I am saying. 

I also had a conversation with some strippers from Organ.  Lets just say they like there job a lot and want to move to New Orleans to make there money because they like the town.  They dance because they want to not because of the way they grew up.  we talked about body image and positivity and the strength you have to have to show it off to strangers.

There was also the nice French lady that was biking across the country and on her way to Miami.  We had a lot of conversations.  she liked talking to me because I was willing to listen to her and slow down my speech so she can translated in her head.  

There was also the nice lady on the trolley.  We talked about wearing are Grandmothers cloths.  I liked her dress and that is how that started it was her grandmothers.

Then there was the guy on the plane.  He was the first person to know were I was talking about when he asked me where home was.  I new were his town was too.  that conversation made time go by on the plane.

I have had many conversations with people and will have many more.  

But what’s next is I will write about them faster and post them closer when it happens not days or weeks latter.