Conversation with a local

I had a conversation with other a local hear in Maui.

I need a place to eat my food I just bought I ate it standing up at The entrance. There was no tables to sit out. I finished my spicy sushi roll. And walked to another part of the parking lot.

At the other entrance to the store there was benches and tables to sit out to eat or just hang out. There was a nice lady who is sitting by herself with two open chairs and I asked if I could sit with her. We started a conversation about the island sorta. I asked how her her New Year’s was and she had fun she asked me about the mirrors and I said I didn’t know anybody and I slept through it.

She was born cool why and she now lives on Maui and so I asked her about things to do here on the island. She doesn’t know much about the stock my spots because that doesn’t interest her but interest me. So that was a no go but she did suggest many restaurants to go to. I am more mountain people like being up in the mountains and hiking and we had a conversation the along those lines.

Truth be told I was waiting for my family to get out of the store and we just were talking to pass the time.

There was not that in depth conversation I could had had with her because I didn’t know when my family was going to be by to go back to the hotel.

It was nice to talk to someone who was not my family for a little bit on this vacation in Maui.