Conversation with a cute couple

I had a great conversation with a cute couple. 

It happen when I went on an adventure to see Crys Matthews.  The conversation happen half way through the set.  they came in for a wine tasting and to get a membership to the Naked Mountain Winery.  The couple was a teacher and a horse trainer.  They were amazingly cute together with there simple touches and hiding smiles.  

We first started talking about the wines.  Why not start there  its a winery.  I am from California near a wine country and not the one you think about.  Then we went are separate ways during the music.  One reason is because I was finishing my wine tasting I just take my time to have my little taste and not down every a lot of tastings in 30 minutes. I’m not say the couple did that they tried 2 wines so they can have a glass to sit down and relax.  The second reason is that I was talking to the employees about the NFL and why there was no one really at the winery because of the first game of the season. 

I went to sit down in a comfy seat.  The couple started to talk to me. why not have a good conversation with people when you can to learn more about people.  We talk life and wine. 

Talked about the teachers time in the peace corps and how I wanted to be part of the peace corps but I have to pay off a lot of my students loans.  Because, you have to be able to live off of a little amount in a different country.

The horse trainer talked a little bit about his job.  he ended up with a broken arm because of it.  WE really connected because we don’t want to have a desk job in life.  being stuck indoors sucks.

We talk about wine also because we are at a winery why not I am from California and have done some wine tastings.  so we talked about that and my advice when it comes to it.  go to the little tasting rooms in the towns of Napa and Sonoma.  They are the little wineries that don’t have wine in the stories and they are really good.  We also talked about wine tasting in Amador county because that is closer to were I grow up. Dry Town Cellars is the place to go for some good wine.  Next to Dry Town Cellars is Dry Town Bar and there is great blues music in the afternoon on the weekend.

Its fun to see how people see the world through conversations with them.  

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