Conversation I want to have with a stranger

There is a conversation I want to have with a stranger.

Why do I want to have it. Because this person is making life suck even more than it already is. Like it is hard on my family.

This person does not know us from Adam or eve but decided that they know best.

My brother committed suicide in the last week. So he is not hear any more. I am not made with him about that at all because I know depression is a disease and could lead to dark thoughts. I understand that.

But this person has made choices for my family without any of my brothers surviving relatives knowing. It has made this bad situation even worse.

Well it is a few people made are live suck right know. I have a few questions for these stupid people want to make my life along with my family’s life worst after my brother death.

Why did you not let the police take care of everything?

Why did you give the someone else property away?

Why are you making decisions for property that is not yours when the family was in Chicago by Monday when my brother died on Thursday night Friday morning?

How can you judge us when you never meet us?

How can you not help us after you have said property away?

These are some questions I have for the people I have never really met.

I will tell the world what the property is it is just they we have lawyers into it and the police.

We want my brothers property back.

To the strangers I do not like you and you made my life more stressful.

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  1. I can’t believe how heartless they are. And they dont have the right to be doing what they’re doing!

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