Consume and Implement

What free gift can you gift/offer your readers that they can access, consumer, and implement immediately?

This is day three of the blog to bank challenge. 

I cant do this right now.  There is no way that I can because I there are know ideas coming to my mind but also I am worried about something different. Working on my website is more imported to me.  

To have a gift for you I need to figure out what my website will be.  I am still trying to figure this out and need to know what I am about on the world wide web first.  If I have a gift that does not relate to my website why have it at all.

Finding out who my consumer is.  This is the step I am working on.  I have been writing post and some get comments and some not.  Which leads me to what I write about and narrowing down what I do.  Doing things because I am bored can be many things that I could write about.  This is what I am working on.  I really like writing about the different conversations I have with strangers and should write more about it.

I understand why the free thing.  It brings in traffic to my website.  Can have people sign up for a email news letter. Which would be good if I was trying to sell something.  Right now I my just trying to figure out what I want to do and how I am going to do it.

There are many websites and blogs and other things that people have used.  I just cant do that yet until I am confident in what I put out there to the world to read.  the Holladay season is here us and I was thinking of becoming an amazon affiliate and make list for presents for different types of people.  Then again that involves work. and I am trying to find my voice.